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Directed by Sean Whiteman, Christof Whiteman

Portland 2014 99 mins.

Filmmaking siblings the Whiteman brothers’ off-center comedic style takes flight in this story of a brilliant and enigmatic inventor with limited social skills (Christof Whiteman) who spends his days toiling away in his basement workshop. His aim is to build his namesake: a childhood machine. He reluctantly offers counsel to a trio of strangers who earn his attention by virtue of their similarly idiosyncratic pursuits. One, a young man (Sean Whiteman) seeks to distill the essence of John Goodman’s character from Roseanne: Season One in an attempt to find the ideal male role model. Another, a young woman, organizes against the notion of memory in an effort to redefine its influence within her own life. And then there’s the middle-aged man who wants to live the simple life of a squirrel. Will the machine work? Does it matter?

Genres: Comedy

Appears in: Northwest Tracking