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Chasing the Wild Boar: Films by Julia Oldham

Julia Oldham, who works in New York City and Portland, is both a scientist and an artist. Using both spheres of the brain to create film works and animations that weave together love stories out of the complexities of physics and math, the mating dances of insects, and chance encounters with wild animals in the forest, Oldham creates a mythology of the heart with her videos, drawings and songs. Tonight’s screening will include new works such as Laika’s Lullaby (2015), In the Beginning There was Nothing (2015) and Consider the Wild Boar (2015), along with earlier films. “[Oldham] stretches the notion of drawing and carries a comforting message: The urge to make art can thrive just about anywhere.”—The Village Voice.

Appears in: Northwest Tracking

Genres: Experimental, Short