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Directed by Jesse James Miller

Vancouver 2017 112 mins.

It is hard to break free from the chains that bind one to legacy. Robbie Knievel yearned to grow up to be just like his father, legendary motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel. Robbie took up the sport, eventually becoming the most decorated jumper of all time and breaking over 20 world records. Even though Robbie surpassed his father, and despite his incredible achievements, his father Evel is forever remembered as the greatest. Now at 54, Robbie faces his biggest challenge yet: staying sober and out of jail while under a dire warning from his doctors that if he jumps again, his body could give out completely. Miller combines archival footage and personal interviews with Robbie and other members of the Knievel family to illustrate this story of striving to conquer while tethered to a familial rock.

Genres: Documentary