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Directed by Reed Lindsay

Idaho 2017 78 mins. In English

In 2014, 75-year-old Charlie Hardy, a retired Catholic priest, returned to his hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming, to discover shocking poverty and homelessness and little interest in doing anything about it. Taking it upon himself to fight for better wages and health care, he runs a self-financed, grassroots campaign for a Democratic Senate seat. But he comes up against the political juggernaut of the GOP in a state where 80% of the voters are Republican. This youthful spirit rejects offers from special interests, gathers a ragtag busload of volunteers, and makes a Quixotic run with campaign finance reform as his leading issue. A timely political tale that is “powerful, passionate, and frequently very funny.” —The Independent, London.

We are excited to have representatives from the following organizations on hand to help talk politics:


Oregon AfterBern

Our Indivisible Revolution Sherwood

Progressive Caucus of Oregon

Socialist Alternative Portland

Indivisible OR-1

Genres: Documentary