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Directed by Aaron Schimberg

United States 2018 91 mins. In English

A conventionally beautiful actress Mabel (Jess Weixler) finds herself starring in a misguided, independent film production alongside a collection of physically disfigured and disabled performers, including Rosenthal (Under the Skin’s Adam Pierson), a man with neurofibromatosis hired on as the romantic lead. As the shoot wears on, both the tables and the identities of the players pivot, with multiple layers of story blurring the reality at play. Director Schimberg’s second feature has it both ways, paying homage to and highlighting the ways in which otherness has been expressed in cinematic terms, most famously in Tod Browning’s Freaks. “Hyper-literate and self-aware, it’s an incisive film about prejudice and representation, referring to and critiquing Hollywood history while making its own observations and telling its own story.” —Andrew Todd, Birth. Movies. Death.

Filmography: First feature

Sponsored by MUBI and SAG-AFTRA