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Directed by Karim Aïnouz

Germany, France, Brazil 2018 97 mins. In Arabic, German, English, Russian with subtitles

Berlin’s Tempelhof airport, built in 1923 but heavily renovated during the Nazi period, was one of Europe’s busiest until its permanent closure in 2008. Rather than let the massive grounds lie dormant, its buildings now house immigrants looking for entry into Europe, while its airfield now acts as a massive city park—two use-cases that provide copious fertile material for Aïnouz’s insightful, moody documentary. Following several subjects inside the shelter—including an Iraqi doctor forced to start afresh and a young Syrian man harboring the audacious dream of a life free from violence—Central Airport THF adopts a tenderly lyrical approach in its focus on those seeking European asylum while probing deeper into this vast public space, casting light on the dichotomy at play in the center of one of the world’s busiest cities.

Filmography: Madame Satã (2002), Love for Sale (2006), O Abismo Prateado (2011), Futuro Beach (2014)