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Directed by Stéphanie Valloatto

France 2014 106 mins.

Traveling five continents, Valloatto profiles a dozen men and women whose job, obligation, and clear source of joy is to distill the chaos of world politics into a few vivid pen strokes and a pithy quip. The grand tradition of political cartoonists speaking (or rather drawing) truth to power is continued by these artists, from French cartoonist Plantu’s merciless portraits of Sarkozy’s anxious inefficiency to the plump, contentedly smiling cats with which Nadia Khiari satirizes the lazy arrogance of Tunisia’s leadership. Such caricatures haven’t sat well with all their targets, of course, and many of the interviewees share tales of censorship, imprisonment, or worse. Thankfully, none of these experiences has led any of these cartoonists to despair or silence. Instead, their determination to call out corruption and hypocrisy only seems strengthened by such attacks.