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Directed by Mark Sawers

Vancouver 2012 91 mins. In English

Larry (Nicolas Wright) is an unprincipled city councilman who doesn’t mind a little fraud and infidelity if it advances his political career and strokes his ego. Soon, however, he notices an uncanny cameraman documenting his every move and misdeed. Larry’s psychiatrist suggests that the cameraman is a manifestation of his subconscious, whose purpose is to make Larry own up to his bad behavior and change his ways. But owning up to the truth of his life, which now includes not only a broken marriage but an accidental homicide, proves too much for Larry’s ego to handle. He comes to the only other conclusion he can live with—that he’s a character in a movie. Now if only he can find an ending that works…. “A low-budget wonder that’s inventive and very funny.”—The Vancouver Observer.