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Directed by Sherief Elkatsha

Egypt 2013 77 mins. In Arabic

Cairo, Egypt. 20 million people. 23,600 miles of road. Two million cars. Taxis, buses, donkey carts, and swarms of people, all jockeying to move through the obstacle course that is their daily lives. Here, traffic is a chaotic experience where rules are constantly challenged: an elaborate dance of leading and following, flow and resistance, and impeccable, almost miraculous timing. Shot in 2009-2012 (before and during the Egyptian revolution and ending with the most recent presidential elections), the film explores the country’s collective identity, inherent struggles, and the sentiments that led to the historic changes taking place in Egypt today. Here, the times may have changed, but the traffic has not. “An enthralling, insightful, and often rather funny look at a vibrant, complex, and dramatic city as seen through its teeming roads and people who drive them.”—Screen.