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Cairo 678

Three Cairene women from very different backgrounds pull together in uneasy solidarity to combat the sexual harassment that has impacted each of their lives—and has become a general plague in their city. Based on real-life incidents that led to Egypt’s first anti-harassment legislation, Diab’s deftly woven narrative tells a gripping, timely tale of social injustice. Winner of the Silver Hugo for Best Film at the Chicago International Film Festival and the Best New Director Award at the Egyptian Oscars.

Appears in: Global Lens

Genres: Drama

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Set in the midst of the 2013 riots in Cairo pitting Egypt’s pro-military supporters against the Muslim Brotherhood of the ousted President Morsi, Clash unfolds almost entirely within the claustrophobic confines of a police van packed to bursting with detainees from different social and political backgrounds, including rival activists, journalists, and mere bystanders. The construct