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Directed by Warren Beatty

United States 1998 108 mins. In English

Jay Bulworth, a democratic US Senator from California up for re-election in 1996, is losing on several fronts: in his race to a young up-and-comer, with his constituents who are flocking away in droves, and his previously radical socialist views have disappeared in favor of corporatist centrist views he adopts only to stay in power. Despondent, he ups his life insurance payouts and orders a hit on himself. But when at rock bottom and blisteringly drunk, Bulworth begins telling his version of the truth (gasp!) at rallies, campaign stops, and debates, meanwhile falling in love with activist Nina (Halle Berry) while his manager (a nervy, sweaty Oliver Platt) looks on in horror, until he sees the turning tide of public opinion. Warren Beatty wrote, produced, directed, and stars as the titular rapping politician who becomes an overnight media sensation. “Bulworth works, with both urbanity and chutzpah, by viewing political puppeteering with an all-purpose jaundiced eye.”—Janet Maslin, The New York Times.

Genres: Comedy

Appears in: Print the Legend