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Directed by Lynne Spencer

Canada 2016 68 mins. In English

“This is the extraordinarily intimate portrait of Simone Orlando, Ballet BC’s lead dancer for twelve years. During rehearsals for a new ballet, Simone suffered an injury that was so severe, she could hardly walk, let alone dance. Hiding her affliction with pain killers, she struggled on, but an MRI made it all too evident that hip surgery was required. ‘All the work and all the years, and for it to suddenly just slip away, it wasn’t acceptable,’ said Ms. Orlando, who now works as the CEO of Ballet Kelowna. This documentary is a one of a kind study of the devotion and dedication that artists and athletes bring to their life’s passion, and what happens when fate intervenes to threaten one’s calling in life.”—Whistler Film Festival.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Contact Dance