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Directed by John Boulting

United Kingdom 1948 92 mins. In English

Adapted from the novel by Graham Greene, John Boulting’s noir tale of a violent mobster who murders a reporter—and then marries the only person who can implicate him in the crime—is a cold, morally obsessed classic of mid-20th century British filmmaking. With a darkly charismatic performance by a young Richard Attenborough as the mesmerizingly cruel and plotting villain Pinkie Brown, Brighton Rock achieves the filmic equivalent of a multicar pileup; there are times when you might want to look away, but it’s simply impossible to do so. “This superbly dingy film, atmospherically shot by Harry Waxman and acted by a pungent British cast is still gripping in its inexorable escalations of violence. Censors delayed its US release by four years – and the bleak murderousness at its heart remains shocking.” – Philip Horne, The Telegraph