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Bramble On

A young man wakes to find a mysterious creature hiding in the bushes outside of his window. Is it a traveler from another world or memories of his past manifested in a plant being? Shot on VHS.

Other Films by Sean Whiteman

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An Evening with the Whiteman Brothers

VISITING ARTISTS—Sean and Christof Whiteman are brothers who have been making smart and irreverent short and feature–length comedies for over ten years. Tonight we welcome them for screenings of their work, including THE DISGUSTING LITTLE SHIVER (2007), a comedy about a man with an affliction he can’t seem to shake, and a preview of their

Childhood Machine

Filmmaking siblings the Whiteman brothers’ off-center comedic style takes flight in this story of a brilliant and enigmatic inventor with limited social skills (Christof Whiteman) who spends his days toiling away in his basement workshop. His aim is to build his namesake: a childhood machine. He reluctantly offers counsel to a trio of strangers who