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Shot in a verité style, Boone follows three farmers as they experience the hardships and inherent beauties of life on a small goat farm in Southern Oregon. Christopher LaMarca spent two years on the farm, capturing not just a portrait of the farmers’ existence, but a viscerally experiential film in which the audience seemingly participates. This emotionally driven film “is primarily a pastoral experience marked by lovely cinematography, an unhurried pace, and atmospheric, ambient sound design.” —Variety.

Appears in: Northwest Tracking

Genres: Documentary

Other Films by Christopher LaMarca

The Pearl

We seldom hear from those who have had to conceal their true identities their entire lives. The Pearl follows four women in the early stages of coming out as they navigate their lives against a backdrop of post-industrial logging towns in the Pacific Northwest. We begin to understand, as Krystal says, “the only thing transgender