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Directed by Margorzata Szumowska

Poland 2015 90 mins.

“Balancing bleakness and mirth in equal measure, Body chronicles three haunted souls in Warsaw: an icy coroner who suspects his dead wife may be trying to contact him; his anorexic, suicidal daughter; and her hospital therapist, who moonlights as a medium. Playing unexplained phenomena for dry laughs, like a hanged man who miraculously regains consciousness, the film is a morbidly funny guide to the Great Beyond. Not afraid to find humor in the darkest of places, Szumowska illustrates her character’s spiritual crises with the macabre insight of a contemporary Grimm’s fairy tale. Frank and enigmatic, Body is a film that challenges and rewards in equal measure.”—Chicago Film Festival. Silver Bear, Best Director, Berlin Film Festival.

Sponsored by the Polish Library Building Association.