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Directed by Khalik Allah

United States 2018 70 mins. In English

Photographer-turned-filmmaker Khalik Allah returns to Jamaica, his mother’s birthplace, to fashion a multifaceted and highly collaged audio-visual portrait of the nation from which he sprang. Dividing his documentary into three distinct “trimesters,” Allah takes us on an unprecedented voyage through the spiritual, historical, political, and socioeconomic realities of Jamaica, drawing from the direct experience of his interview subjects, whose tales are further bolstered by the surfaces and spaces captured by Allah’s camera. “Some films are likened to essays. This one is more of an epic poem: a raw, dense, impressionistic odyssey through Jamaican identity, national, personal, and spiritual.” —Steve Rose, The Guardian.

Filmography: Field Niggas (2015)

Sponsored by Artists Repertory Theatre