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Directed by Steven Richter

Portland 2015 97 mins. In English

Young sisters Mona and Rachel are left to their own devices after the loss of their cult-member parents. Confined to their childhood home and constantly surrounded by reminders of the past, the girls create their own pseudo-realities. Rachel finds solace in her music and spiritual practices, while her older sister Mona, a burlesque dancer, gravitates toward an unconventional and taboo form of self-expression. When Mona brings a strange new lover into their world who starts to pull away at the fragile threads holding everything in place, the sisters find themselves facing harsh truths about their past. With a dark and dreamlike filmmaking style, brooding tension, and songs from bands such as Blouse, Chastity Belt and Warpaint, BIRDS OF NEPTUNE is infused with the mystery and vibe of the Pacific Northwest.