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Directed by Alberto Vazquez, Pedro Rivero

Spain 2015 76 mins. In Spanish

Adapted from his graphic novel, Alberto Vázquez’s debut feature, co-directed with Pedro Rivero, tackles themes of climate change, ecological disaster, systemic racism, and class warfare with striking design—and a glimmer of hope. Dinki is a teenage mouse living on a post-apocalyptic island in a world of anthropomorphic creatures. She and a group of friends escape the island for the fabled big city, including her beloved Birdboy, on the lam and nursing a bad drug habit. Unknown to anyone, Birdboy possesses a secret that could change the world. “Sardonic, cruel, funny, macabre, yet surprisingly good-hearted . . . you’d be hard- pressed to find anything as original or poignant.”—Variety. Goya Award, Best Animated Film. Adult. In Spanish with English subtitles.

First feature

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