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Directed by John Jeffcoat

Seattle 2014 100 mins.

“Real-life Seattle rockers Phillip A. Peterson, David Drury, and Sean Lowry, known collectively as Tennis Pro, play reasonable facsimiles of themselves in this semi-fictionalized comedy loosely based on the group’s true-life attempts to boost their careers by making a splash in Tokyo. The three leads are introduced just as they’re near the point of casting aside their dreams and settling into day jobs. Frustrated by their inability to find an audience in the Seattle music scene, they have begun to wonder—and, worse, have been encouraged by significant others to believe—that if it hasn’t happened for them yet, it likely never will. Effortlessly convincing as friends and collaborators whose sometimes jokey, sometimes bickering interactions are informed by a shared past, if these ‘characters’ sometimes seem like stereotypes, that doesn’t make them any less believable as they strive to catch a break and keep hope alive.”—Variety.

Genres: Comedy, Music, Adventure

Appears in: Northwest Tracking