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Bicycle Thieves

De Sica’s social drama, along with Roberto Rossellini’s Rome, Open City, is the most emotionally engaging film of the Italian Neo-Realist film movement. Focusing on Antonio’s (Lamberto Maggiorani) working class plight as a man whose means of transportation (a bicycle) is stolen, placing his employment in certain jeopardy. As he and his young son Bruno (Enzo Staiola) scour the city in a futile search for his liberated ride, father and son are faced with a choice that offers both a solution to their problem while simultaneously posing a deep moral quandary. “The Bicycle Thief is so well-entrenched as an official masterpiece that it is a little startling to visit it again after many years and realize that it is still alive and has strength and freshness.” —Roger Ebert. In Italian with English subtitles.

Genres: Neorealism, Drama