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Directed by Various

Oregon 2019 85 mins.

Now in its 16th year, BendFilm Festival, which takes place every October, showcases short and feature-length films from around the globe. The current Best Of program from the 15th annual Festival offers audiences a taste of this Central Oregon institution. A few of the films to be screened include Hula Girl, directed by Amy Hill and Chris Riess, which provides an account of Joan Anderson, who was integral to the cultural revolution of the 1950s with her hand in bringing the Hula Hoop to America—but was cut from the story altogether by parent company Wham-O. Weekends, directed by Trevor Jimenez, is a hand-animated film that tells the story of a young boy shuffling between his recently divorced parents’ homes in 1980s Toronto. Joanna Feinberg and Katherine Roselli’s The Road Between Us is the true tale of a father and son who bicycled the entire 2,701 miles of Route 66 and, in the process, discovered much more about their own familial relationship. Gloria Talks Funny, directed by Kendall Goldberg, follows a struggling voice actress who discovers her agent failed to tell her that her claim-to-fame cartoon is being remade. These and other films will be presented by BendFilm Executive Director Todd Looby.

Appears in: Northwest Tracking