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Best of the 43rd Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival

  • Directed by Various
  • Oregon/Washington/Montana/Vancouver, 2016, 72 mins., English

The Best of the 43rd Northwest Filmmaker’s Festival features a few of the best short films from 2016. This touring program features narrative, documentary, animated, and experimental films from Oregon, Washington, Montana, and British Columbia. Come celebrate last year’s festival as we look forward to the 44th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, kicking off on November 1. Filmmakers included are Josh Lunden (Modern Dark), Woodruff Laputka (Canned Fit), Isaiah Core (Censored), Georg Koszulinski (Antipodes Rising), Julia Hutchings (Here Nor There), Joan Gratz (Primal Flux), Sandra Ignagni and Trevor Meier (Ranger), and Marshall Granger (Me Is Being Great).  

Appears in: Northwest Tracking

Genres: Short

Other Films by Josh Lunden

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Under the pressure of a hanging marriage proposal, a young woman attempts to avoid reality during an ill-conceived night of drinking, smoking…and bowling.

Modern Dark

A young man living in the inner city attempts to see the stars through his childhood telescope. An Outer-Space Reality Award.

Other Films by Woodruff Laputka

Canned Fit

Sound artist Christine Shorkhuber uses an array of “non-traditional” instruments to create minimalist melodies meant to bring us a little closer to our surroundings.

Other Films by Isaiah Corey


A man’s life is forever changed when his roommate introduces him to a producer he never knew he needed. The Surreal Award.

Other Films by Georg Koszulinski

White Ravens

The island of Haida Gwaii, off the coast of British Columbia, is still home to the native Haida people, who at one time lived on other islands and coastlines before fleeing Western incursion. In the wake of forced assimilation brought about by Canada’s Indian Residential Schools, the Haida Nation continues to face great challenges in

Documenting J20; On the Streets of DC

On January 20, 2017, protesters took to the streets of Washington, DC to disrupt the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. Seattle director Georg Koszulinski and crew was on location to capture the reactions, thoughts, and emotions of the many people gathered in the nation’s capital to witness history. America is Waiting presents a chronicle

Antipodes Rising

Traveling through a tunnel on a mountain road in Alaska becomes a portal for an alternate vision of the Pacific Northwest.

Other Films by Julia Hutchings

Best of the 44th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival Tour

The Northwest Film Center is honored to present the Best of the 44th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, a carefully selected cross-section of filmmaking from the Northwest region. The works included on this program were chosen to represent the quality and range of filmmaking in the region.  

Do We Leave This Here

A journalist travels to the Peace River Valley to speak with residents about their community, which will soon be erased after the completion of a dam downstream. Judges Award: Best Drama.

Here Nor There

Nothing is as what it seems as a private investigator arrives at a funeral to speak with the family of a woman whose body he supposedly found.

Other Films by Joan Gratz

Animated Worlds: Portland Animation Since 2000

The state of Oregon has played an amazing role in helping to shape the world of animation. This program showcases a variety of animated films from Portland based animators beginning with the year 2000 and steadily moving to the present day.

An Evening With Joan Gratz

The work of Academy Award winner Joan Gratz (Mona Lisa Descending A Staircase, 1992) began as moving paintings, but evolved into the process Gratz pioneered, termed “clay painting,” while working at Portland’s storied Will Vinton Studios. Incorporating improvisational and fine art techniques, Gratz’s work straddles the realm of poetry and storybook as lush moving palettes

Northwest Tracking: Trailblazing Women of Independent Animation

As a preview of the Film Center’s post-festival Northwest Tracking series showcasing six independent animation innovators, we are  pleased to offer this program sampler of their outstanding work to be featured. After the screening head on over to the Northwest Filmmakers’ Summit for a panel and conversation with the animators about their craft working in

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Night Weaver

A tapestry of computer mandalas and intricate animated weavings.

Primal Flux

Colors and shapes shift and change as images emerge and disperse in a play on the nature of conscious and unconscious communication.

Other Films by Sandra Ignagni


A portrait of the Canadian vessel M.V. Northern Ranger which has traversed the narrow straits and unpredictable weather along the remote Labrador coastline for the last 30 years. The Vitally Real Award.

Other Films by Trevor Meier


A portrait of the Canadian vessel M.V. Northern Ranger which has traversed the narrow straits and unpredictable weather along the remote Labrador coastline for the last 30 years. The Vitally Real Award.

Other Films by Marshall Granger

Me is Being Great

Sometimes when relationships end amongst the confusions of growing up, one just might be able to re-connect with their own identity and be set free. The All-Too-Real Award.