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Directed by Dominik Graf

Germany 2014 170 mins. In German

In this sumptuous costume drama set in late-18th-century Germany, two aristocratic sisters find themselves drawn inexorably to the young ‘Sturm und Drang’ poet Friedrich Schiller and daringly forge a lifelong secret triangle. When younger sister Charlotte first meets Schiller in 1788, he is a penniless dramatist whose early controversial writings and penury render him an unsuitable husband. But Charlotte and her married sister Caroline discover an intoxicating kinship with Schiller and his Romantic ideals of universal knowledge and the transformational power of literature. The sisters’ pact of loyalty to each other and Schiller is tested as their private intrigues—revealed through an exchange of coded letters—unfold against a backdrop of revolutionary Europe at the violent dawn of democracy. This year’s German submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.