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Directed by Leo McCarey

United States 1945 126 mins.

In one of her most radiant roles, Ingrid Bergman stars as good-natured Sister Mary Benedict, a Catholic nun at the dilapidated St. Mary’s school, which faces abrupt closure. Enter newcomer Father Chuck O’Malley (Bing Crosby), with whom Sister Mary immediately strikes up a friendly rivalry. The two must band together, however, to find a new building for the school, and fast. Meanwhile, Sister Mary endears herself to the students, helping them through tough times and even teaching one boy how to properly fistfight. One of RKO’s biggest successes of the 1940s, Bergman’s performance singlehandedly lifts the film from the sentimental, showcasing her considerable talents in a way that no other film in her career would.

Preserved in 4k digital by the Paramount Archives; scanning, picture restoration and color correction by Technicolor; audio restoration by Audio Mechanics.