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Directed by Hisham Zaman

Turkey, Germany, Norway 2013 105 mins. In Kurdish, German

How far would you go to restore your family’s honor? As the oldest man in his household, Siyar confronts that question after his sister Nermin flees an arranged marriage and he must seek vengeance for the slight. Siyar tracks her from their village in Kurdistan to a world apart in Istanbul. His fateful introduction to Evin, a young girl living on the streets, leads to the first cracks in his resolve. Then Nermin escapes, and he follows her to Germany and Norway on a journey that will forever change his notions of loyalty, dignity, honor, and love. Both a tender coming-of-age/road trip story and a classic tragedy, Before Snowfall is a heartbreaking depiction of the disastrous intersection of primal forces. Winner of the Best Nordic Film Award at the Göteborg Film Festival and the Best Cinematography Award at the Tribeca Film Festival.