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Directed by Ingmar Bergman

Sweden 1978 93 mins. In Swedish

Bergman’s only collaboration with Swedish film legend Ingrid Bergman, Autumn Sonata serves as a complimentary, yet more melancholy parallel to Wild Strawberries. Charlotte (Bergman), a professional musician, examines her life from the contemplative perch of old age. After having watched a lover die, she is reunited with her neglected and estranged daughter. Eva (Liv Ullmann) harbors an obligatory love for her mother, and an equal reservoir of resentment and inadequacy. In memories, Eva (played by the real-life daughter of Ullmann and director Bergman) relives her emotional traumas with a cold detachment. Colored by the music of Chopin and Beethoven, Bergman crafts a penetrating portrait of creative genius in the sunset of life. “Bergman uses a formal combination of flashback tableau and piercing close-up to answer the daughter’s worst fear—that her grief is her mother’s secret pleasure—with the reality of indifference.”—Pacific Film Archive. In Swedish with English subtitles.