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Directed by Joe Cornish

United Kingdom 2011 88 mins.

Eschewing the tired military defensive strategies of Hollywood alien invasion films like Independence Day and Battle: Los Angeles, Joe Cornish brilliantly subverts the genre by leaving it up to a South London gang of street youths to save the day. Featuring the film debut of international superstar John Boyega (Star Wars: Episode VII–The Force Awakens), Attack the Block is an irreverent and entertaining take on a standard sci-fi narrative, one that refreshes the hackneyed and conventional way in which these stories are normally conveyed. “Attack the Block is a blast of imagination, wit and sheer nerve—an alien invasion movie twice as entertaining as the ones Hollywood has churned out all summer, made at a fraction of the cost.”—Katey Rich, CinemaBlend.

Preceded by:

Wild Bichons, OR, 2013
dir. Stefan Nadelman (3 mins., Short film, Digital)
A surreal encounter between man and Bichon in the bucolic setting of a Pacific Northwest forest leaves one to wonder whether these cute little pooches are friend or foe.

Featuring live music from Small Million 

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