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Directed by Eiichirô Hasumi

Japan 2016 117 mins. In Japanese

A tentacled, smiley-faced creature responsible for destroying three-quarters of the moon mentors a junior high school class in the art of assassination. Their homework: eliminate their teacher before the year is up or his next target will be the earth. Based on the manga series by Yūsei Matsui, Assassination Classroom’s foundation is firmly fixed in the teacher/student dynamics modeled in such films as Dead Poet’s Society, Stand and Deliver, and To Sir With Love. Unlike those movies, the instructor here, nicknamed U.T. (short for “Unkillable Teacher”), modulates between manically delivered lessons in life (and how to end it) and dodging every bullet, sword, and the various other threats his students are able to lob his way. “Assassination Classroom is an absolute blast that not only survives its ridiculous setup but makes something truly special with it.”—Rob Hunter, Film School Rejects. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Genres: Drama