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Art and Craft

Mark Landis, an unassuming yet prolific art forger with formidable technical skills, has been donating forged works—spanning six centuries and a multitude of styles and movements—to museums across the US for over 30 years. Indistinguishable from the original, Landis’s creations have fooled registrar after registrar, but when Matthew Leininger, an especially persistent registrar from Oklahoma City, begins to doubt the authenticity of an oil painting donation from Landis, he sets out to uncover the long-running ruse. In the process, the larger questions directed at Landis become: how did he go this long, creating copies and fooling some of our nation’s most important art institutions, and perhaps more importantly, why?

Co-presented with Women in Film PDX.

Appears in: Special Screenings

Genres: Documentary