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Directed by Laurent Boileau, Jung Henin

France 2012 70 mins. In French, Belgian

VISITING ARTIST—The Korean War left thousands of young refugees scattered across Europe and the United States. In this vibrant animated documentary based on his graphic novel, Jung, the film’s co-director and subject, retells his experience as a South Korean adoptee growing up in Europe. The film spans from an animated 1970s Belgium to present-day Korea, where a live-action Jung reconciles with his past, and moves through a variety of tones, as the ephemeral darkness of his youth is often trumped by a lighter, adult sensibility. Jung acknowledges the shortcomings and perhaps misguided intentions of his adoptive family but does so with a midlife serenity. This is not a story of a boy lost to circumstance but of a man who managed to elude his demons through artistry and creative expression.