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Directed by Junfeng Boo

Singapore, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Qatar 2016 97 mins. In Maylay, English

Aiman, an ambitious 28-year-old correctional officer, is transferred to the Singapore territory’s top prison. He strikes up a friendship with Rahim, who is revealed to be the chief executioner of the prison, and one of the world’s most prolific. Can Aiman overcome his conscience and a past that haunts him to become the executioner’s apprentice? “Fraught with tension . . . A story that conflates the deeply intimate and the political while exploring what family ties mean and how they relate to national and professional relationships and obligations.” —Hollywood Reporter. This year’s Singaporean Oscar submission.

Reviews: Variety, Hollywood Reporter

Interview: Interview with Boo Junfeng at Cannes Film Festival

Filmography: 7 Letters (2015), Sandcastle (2010)