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Directed by Clarence Brown

United States 1930 89 mins. In English

“Garbo talks!” read the tagline for this relatively unglamorous 1930 MGM work, adapted from the Pulitzer-Prize-winning play by Eugene O’Neill and featuring Greta Garbo in, yes, her first talking role. Here Garbo suffers as Anna “Christie” Christofferson, an estranged daughter seeking to re-enter her barge skipper father’s (George F. Marion) life after 15 years of living with neglectful relatives in Minnesota. One fateful evening, the sailor Matt (Charles Bickford) is rescued at sea and he and Anna quickly fall in love. But Anna’s checkered past may catch up with her dreams of an idyllic, happy future—whether that be with her father, with Matt, or striking out on her own. Anna Christie, the highest-grossing film of 1930, earned Academy Award nominations for Garbo, director Clarence Brown, and cinematographer William Daniels.