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Directed by Rose Bond


Leader of the Animated Arts program at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and a former NWFC student and faculty member, Bond first began animating by laboriously inking directly onto clear 35mm film strips in the tradition of such greats as Mary Ellen Butte and Norman McClaren. She has since pushed the realm of her hand-drawn animation even further from the screen and into the real world through installations and site-specific works. Films to be screened include:

Gaia’s Dream, (1982, 3min)

Nexus, (1984, 6min)

Macha’s Curse, (1990, 10min) 16mm

Remote Control, (1992, 2min) 16mm

Rain Titles, (1997, :30sec)

Memoria Mortalis, (2000, 10min) 35mm

Gates of Light, (2004, 12min)

Electroflux, (2008, 9min) 35mm

Turangalia, excerpt, (2016, 10min)