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Directed by Orland Nutt

Portland, Oregon, United States 2014 90 mins.

VISITING ARTIST—Portland’s Orland Nutt is a prolific filmmaker whose uniquely accessible experimental short works burst with an otherworldly sprightliness, humor, and charm. Tonight, Nutt will share selections from over a decade of work and premiere his latest, BEAR OF HEAVEN (2014), which features stop-motion animation, a miniature paper set, a choreographed performance of a poem, and contributions from many Portland friends. Among the older highlights are: ESCALATOR MEDITATION (2003), an early abstract work; video letter movies from his DEAR PETER (2008-2012) series, which intimately share his worldview; and selections from his visually ornate poetry series including I AM INTO YOUR FIRE (2011), where odd characters perform poems in fantastical settings.

Genres: Short