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An Evening with Kathy Kasic

  • Directed by Kathy Kasic
  • Montana, 2016, 75 mins., English

Kathy Kasic is best known for her work on nature documentaries which have aired on public television and nature channels. The founding director for the Center for the Communication of Science, an art and science initiative at Montana State University, she is also an artist in residence at Tippet Rise Art Center in Fishtale, Montana, where she has created short films in collaboration with classically trained musicians who play concerts there each year. Tonight Kathy will present a program of her films, which utilize the natural light as it bends and shines off of sculptures installed around the 11,500 acre art ranch. Kathy will be on hand to introduce the program and take questions after the screening.

Genres: Experimental, Documentary

Other Films by Kathy Kasic

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