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Directed by Jay Rosenblatt

United States 2015 80 mins.

San Francisco filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt has made some two-dozen films since 1980, earning him numerous international awards and recognitions for a body of work that while personal, also explores the emotional and psychological core of human experience. A master of the found-footage form and the texturing of diverse visual and aural source material, this program provides a stimulating sampling of his masterful work, including: A Long Way From Home (2015), a hand processed celluloid invocation of Jesus’ last hours that hints at the relationship between the spirit and the flesh; Inquire Within (2012), a hypnotic, apocalyptic examination of false choices, double binds, vulnerability and faith; The D Train (2011), in which an old man reflects on his entire life; The Claustrum (2014), a film focused on three women who are in enclosed psychological zones that function dually as refuge and jail; I Just Wanted to Be Somebody (2006), a grimly humorous take on singer and anti–gay rights crusader Anita Bryant; Afraid So (2006), a film about fear and anxiety narrated by Garrison Keillor; and Phantom Limb (2005), a haunting expression of loss and grief.

Genres: Short