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Directed by Ian Lagarde

Canada, Cuba 2017 85 mins.

Cinematographer Ian Lagarde (Vic + Flo Saw a Bear) makes his directorial debut with this surreal fable centering on a man with large appetites, for both food and sex. After Mike (Ludovic Berthillot) decides to stay on at the island resort where he’s vacationing, a crowd forms to watch each time he consumes one of his absurdly large meals. The onlookers begin to question whether or not this quiet, rotund man is a holy figure, capable of enacting miracles. And what of the octopus mysteriously floating just beyond the shoreline? “The film gets even more intriguing and weirder every passing minute and gradually drifts into an unknown space until it becomes an entity of its own”—Nafees Ahmed, High on Films