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All the Cities of the North

  • Directed by Dane Komljen
  • Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Montenegro, 2016, 100 mins., Serbian/Serbo-Croatian

Built around origin myths and mysteries from a not-so-distant past, Komljen’s debut is set in an abandoned, hotel complex near the Montenegro/Albania border. Two men squat there in a singularly idyllic arrangement: wordless, contemplative, tender, yet soon interrupted by an unobtrusive interloper. Woven between these scenes are the documented histories of State-style planning, utopian in their idiosyncratic ways, texts from Simone Weil, Jean-Luc Godard, and classical Serbian poetry which complicate and reconfigure. “Anything is possible, and somehow, it all softly collides into one solid consummation that drifts deeply under the skin.”—Brooklyn Magazine. In Serbian with English subtitles.

Reviews: Brooklyn Magazine, Frieze (last review)

Interviews: Interview with Dane Komljen at Reverse Shot

First feature