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Directed by Ridley Scott

United States 1979 117 mins. In English

Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror masterpiece follows the crew of the commercial spacecraft Nostromo when, on their return journey to Earth, they discover the deadly, eponymous alien—one of cinema’s all-time scariest antagonists. What follows is claustrophobic, agonizing terror as the alien grows and the crew, one-by-one, shrinks. Starring an unforgettable Sigourney Weaver as the pragmatic and clear-headed Ripley, Alien “creates in the confined space of [its] main set a sweaty little world on its own that responds ideally to [Scott’s] obsessive close-ups and restless, magnifying style.”—The Guardian. Poet Justin Phillip Reed (Indecency) in attendance for a post-film discussion moderated by Gigi Little, editor of the anthology City of Weird, a collection of stories about monsters, ghosts, robots, blood drinkers, and more, all centered in Portland, Oregon.

Onsite $2 ticket discount available for those with Portland Book Festival wristbands/proof of purchase!