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Directed by Alon Schwarz, Shaul Schwarz

Israel, United States, Germany 2016 90 mins. In Hebrew, German, English

In this sweeping international story that begins in World War II and concludes in an emotional family reunion seven decades later, layers of family history and untold secrets surface. Izak Szewelewicz was born inside the Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons camp in 1945 and put up for adoption in Israel. Secret details of his birth mother, an unknown brother in Canada, and his father’s true identity slowly emerge in a heartfelt story that raises poignant questions of identity, resilience, compassion, and the plight of displaced persons. Closure comes when brothers Izak and Shep meet in Canada and travel to Quebec to meet Aida, their mysterious elderly mother. Winner of the Audience Award at 2016 Docaviv International Film Festival.