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Directed by Virág Zomborácz

Hungary 2014 95 mins. In Hungarian

Mózes, a rather neurotic young man in his twenties, is unable to meet his domineering father’s expectations. So when his father suddenly has a heart attack and dies, Mózes is almost relieved; the pressure on him has been lifted. But at the funeral he notices his father’s disoriented ghost, which, although it cannot speak, follows him around, confused and searching. Mózes panics at first, then decides to complete his father’s unfinished tasks because, according to a spiritualist car repair man, this is the only way to get rid of a ghost. This energetic coming-of-age story from female director Virág Zomborácz won the Best Feature Award at the Valladolid Film Festival, where it earned audience kudos with its fresh blend of sweet absurdity, high drama, and inventive style.