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Directed by Sarah Menzies

United States, Afghanistan 2018 90 mins. In Dari with subtitles

Following several young Afghan women who have taken up competitive road cycling and joined the national team, Menzies’ eye-opening film exposes the threats these women must go through simply to ride a bike in their home country, often enduring physical and emotional abuse as a result. Oscillating between the cityscape of Kabul and the rural Bamyan province, and between two groups of women living in these disparate locales, Menzies centers their unforgettable life stories, their trials and tribulations, and the hope that lays at the heart of their dreams. Afghan Cycles is an important portrait of extremely strong women who have pursued their dreams despite living in an oppressively patriarchal society, and “a captivating ride.” —Amy Siegel, POV Magazine.

Filmography: First feature

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