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Directed by Jan Svěrák

Czech Republic 1994 102 mins. In Czech

Recently restored, Svěrák’s wild, prescient comedy remains one of the most popular films in Czech cinema history. Olda (Petr Forman), who lives life vicariously watching television, starts suffering from a mysterious lethargy. The doctors can’t figure out his problem, but natural healer Fišárek diagnoses his ailment as chronic energy loss. Fisarek trains Olda to recharge by plugging into life—nature, art, sex and people, but nothing seems to work. When it finally becomes obvious that a vampire-like force is at root, Olda goes on a mission to save the world from the omnipresent enemy. Part psychological thriller, sci-fi adventure and romantic comedy, Svěrák’s film is a cautionary tale crammed with wit and an unadulterated love of filmmaking, In Czech with English subtitles. 

Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi

Appears in: New Czech Cinema