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Directed by Eric Rohmer

France 1996 113 mins.

Long out of American distribution, Rohmer’s third installment of his “Tales of Four Seasons” cycle offers a vivid and witty scrutiny of French society and adolescent love. Dinard is a seaside resort in Brittany famous for its grand houses and ocean breezes. Gaspard has come to the beach to rendezvous with his girlfriend Lena, but while waiting for her, he attracts the attention of two other young women. Though he presents himself as fate’s plaything, we watch his growing determination to master the romantic opportunities presented to him. In dividing his attention between the two women, he seeks refuge, advice, and friendship from the funny, academic Margot, while flirting with the sultry disco diva Solene. Being neither particularly adept at the art of seduction nor sure of what he really wants, Gaspard finds himself boxed into a predicament of his own making: he has soon invited all three women—Lena appears days later without warning—on a side trip to Quessant.

Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy