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Directed by Shûichi Okita

Japan 2013 160 mins. In Japanese

In 1987, armed only with a bizarre-sounding name and an unruly mop of hair, 18-year-old Yokomichi Yonosuke moves from his rural home in Nagasaki Prefecture to attend college in Tokyo. Bumbling, socially awkward, but with a cheerful smile, Yonosuke befriends two fellow dancers in the school samba club, a high-class call girl who frequents the hotel where he works, and the daughter of a rich industrialist with whom he begins a stumbling courtship. Interwoven in the period narrative are present-day scenes of Yonosuke’s friends reminiscing about their time with him and the joy he brought to their lives. Director Okita (THE CHEF OF SOUTH POLAR, THE WOODSMAN AND THE RAIN) blends coming-of-age comedy and subtle sentimentality to fashion a warm-hearted film about post-Fukushima optimism and faith in human kindness.

Genres: Drama