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Directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

France 2017 100 mins. In French

Focusing on the precarious plight of undocumented asylum seekers, Haroun’s soul-searching film portrays the daunting challenges of overcoming a vast immigration system. Abbas (Eriq Ebouaney), professor and loving father of two, lives in the outskirts of Paris after fleeing the civil war raging in the Central African Republic. Widowed when his wife died in their escape, he falls in love with Carole (Sandrine Bonnaire), who sustains him as he battles a war of another kind. After two years of waiting while waiting to find out, the fate of his family’s future is about to be known. Masterfully contrasting the warm intimacy of human relationships with those of an impersonal bureaucracy, Haroun tells an all all-too universal story. (100 mins.)

Filmography: Grisgris (2013), A Screaming Man (2010), Dry Season (2006), Abouna (2002), Bye Bye Africa (1999)

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