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Directed by Cesc Gay

Spain 2012 95 mins. In Spanish

A Gun in Each Hand is a witty and brutally hilarious collection of portraits of 40-something men and the changing gender roles of contemporary Spanish society. S. tries to woo back the ex-wife he divorced for another woman; P. gleefully preys on the inappropriate advances of a coworker; L. is slow to catch on that his wife is having an affair; and E., having lost everything, is now living with his mother. And so it goes as what at first appears to be a collection of disparate episodes and characters weave and twine together to create a perceptive dissection of male midlife crises with all their accompanying poignancy and bewilderment. This superbly realized battle-of-the-sexes comedy features an ensemble of some of Spain’s top actors and earned Gaudi Awards for Best Film, Screenplay, Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress.