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Directed by Sergey Loznitsa

France, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Netherlands 2017 143 mins. In Russian

Inspired by the Dostoevsky short story, A Gentle Creature follows a stoic Russian woman trying to get a care package to her convict husband after it is inexplicably returned to her. Rebuffed at her local post office, she travels to the prison to deliver the parcel herself—a journey that leads her through a Kafka-esque bureaucratic nightmare and into the very heart of Putin’s Russia, where violent absurdity and everyday inhumanity reign. “Loznitsa’s (My Joy, In the Fog) . . . [film] is about as strange, perplexing and foreign an experience as any I’ve had at the Festival de Cannes, and the reasons that will limit its commercial viability are the very reasons that you should seek it out.”—Justin Chang, LA Times. In Russian with English subtitles.

Filmography: Austerlitz (2016), The Event (2015), Maidan (2014), In the Fog (2012), My Joy (2010)

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