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Directed by Jonas Carpignano

Italy, Germany, France, United States 2017 117 mins. In Italian

Pio, 14, lives in an impoverished Romani community in Calabria in southern Italy. Determined to live up to the outlaw reputation of his idolized older brother Cosimo, he wants to prove himself a full-grown hustler in the Amato family business of petty theft. But when his father and brother are incarcerated, life starts to fall apart, and a boy still on the cusp of adulthood must decide what kind of man he really wants to be. Executive produced by Martin Scorsese and a companion piece to Carpignano’s powerful refugee drama Mediterranea (PIFF 39), A Ciambra is this year’s Italian submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. In Italian with English subtitles.

Filmography: Mediterranea (2015)

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